Tank Farm Services

Tank Farm Services

LLC Vodokhod is a Russian firm that owns and operates 25 gasoline distribution and storage facilities. Our bulk storage tanks hold more than 7.5 million barrels of bulk petroleum. Our terminals include multi-modal capabilities (pipeline, truck, rail, and light oil barges) for ethanol and biofuel supply, as well as art blending processes. In addition, Baltic Sea Shipping has third-party agreements in place across the Russian Federation, allowing us to market from about 9 terminals. To find a terminal that matches your company’s needs, use the interactive map below.

Subterranean transfer pipes, which are centralized remotely managed and run between the tanker pier and the tanks themselves, connect the tanks to the pumps that serve the long-distance pipelines. It is also possible to shift different grades of crude oil to different parts of the tank farm in order to obtain certain crude oil and feedstock characteristics and qualities, for example. The tanks can also be used to carry crude oil to and from the caves. Regardless of which process is currently in use, any batch of crude oil entering LLC Vodokhod, whether from a tanker or a cavern, is first sent through the tanks to have its quantity measured before being deposited into long-range pipes. The tank farm’s primary function is to act as a buffer. Crude oil cargoes from tankers arriving at unpredictable intervals can be efficiently despatched in batches using this buffer, while long-range pipelines can continue to operate at the same time.

Technical Management

Technical administration of the storage facilities is handled by one of the company’s structural divisions, as well as third-party technical management. One of the technical department’s pillars is to ensure that ships operate optimally in both technical and economic aspects, that the organization is competent, and that tank maintenance and customer functions in the construction of storage tanks are performed. The company keeps a constant check on the technical state of the storage facilities, as well as the activity of all units and mechanisms, and their timely maintenance. The management of Baltic Sea Shipping affirms its strong support for the strategy’s implementation. We welcome all employees and those who cooperate with us to help us win our clients’ trust by providing great performance and quality in our tank farm services.

LLC Vodokhod recognizes that customer satisfaction is vital to its long-term success. We strive for minimal volume losses and quality fluctuations in the storage and transshipment of petroleum and petrochemical goods. To do so, we must: conduct all activities in a safe and customer-focused manner while following all applicable laws, rules, and limits. To treat all clients equitably and to provide them with the same high level of service. Maintain a systematic, up-to-date, and well-documented quality management system. Client information, including product specifications, should be kept as private as possible.