Ship Management

Ship Management

As industry leaders, we combine our worldwide reach with specialists and operational hubs all over the world to provide the most comprehensive service with multi-disciplined assistance to our customers. We can set, measure, and deliver industry-leading safety, compliance, environmental protection, and service quality standards. We have the expertise, commitment, and desire to assist all of our customers in achieving their objectives through cost-effective, safe, and performance-enhancing asset management — wherever and whenever it is required.

We connect our risks and priorities with our clients more closely by leveraging our unique operating model. Not only do we give ship management services, but we also provide stability and trust to owners who want to stay ahead of the game. We strive to provide excellent service in every region where we operate, guided by our beliefs, with safety as our first concern. Vodokhod LLC has always prioritized technology and innovation in its operations. ShipSure is a critical tool in providing perfect service, a powerful digital platform that enables us to work more effectively, make data-driven choices, and integrate diverse parts of the organization effortlessly.

Tanker Management

LLC Vodokhod has been providing ship management and crewing services to tanker boats for over a decade, with around 300 tankers under its administration. We have unrivaled experience managing tanker boats as a global leader, with extensive experience at sea and ashore on product, oil, storage, LNG, and LPG tankers. We put safety first in everything we do. This is shown in our managed tanker fleet’s consistently high safety performance, which continues to improve year after year. Our safety and compliance record is vital to our seafarers, shore employees, and clients, and it has allowed us to retain strong relationships with Oil Majors at all levels of the organization. LLC Vodokhod is a leading force behind a variety of industry safety efforts, including becoming a founding partner of the Risk Management and establishing risk models for tanker boats.

Bulk Carrier Ship Management

LLC Vodokhod is a renowned third-party bulk carrier ship management with extensive expertise handling geared and gearless bulk carriers of all sizes at sea and ashore. Our established global network allows us to share best practices across our broad and diverse fleet with a simple choice of geographically spread ship management centres, thanks to our global fleet of over 140 bulk carriers. Everything we do is based on safety. This is apparent in our managed fleet of bulk carriers’ consistently high safety record, which continues to improve year after year. Our safety and compliance record is crucial to our sailors, shore personnel, and customers, and it has helped us retain strong relationships with large bulk cargo operators. With a high RightShip rating, we can ensure that the vessels we manage are kept in top shape while reducing technical off-hire.