Marine Services

Marine Services

LLC Vodokhod is one of the world’s largest marine services companies, specializing in technical repair, support, and crew services. Our services are adaptable and cost-effective, offering you peace of mind that your vessel and crew are in good hands. We believe that size is vital, and we strive to use our market-leading position to benefit our clients. We can attract and invest in the growth of the top talent in our business because of our size. Because people are the most important and vital component of our business model, we strive to be a highly reputable employer and crew supplier.

Shipping is a global industry, and our geographic reach allows us to respond to our customers’ needs no matter where their boats are in the world or in what time zone they are in. Because our industry is so unpredictable, the ability to respond swiftly and effectively when a situation develops is essential. We can give better value for money by combining our purchasing power with that of our customers and partners. To do so, we must be a reliable partner to our suppliers, paying on time and keeping our end of every contract, which we expect our suppliers and customers to do as well.

The marine sector is becoming increasingly reliant on technology to run operations that are efficient, safe, and ecologically beneficial. Our business strategy is the result of decades of investment, and our size allows us to keep investing in cutting-edge technologies. Because of our size, we’re a perfect technology partner for bringing innovation inside our company, which benefits our customers. Our digital platform enables the use of data to provide insights, allowing our clients’ assets to function better. Working with our clients and other industry partners, we are developing state-of-the-art innovation centers to generate additional technology-driven advances.


When something goes wrong, the financial and reputational risks can be devastating to your company. You get the support you need when the worst happens if you choose insurance services from a business that knows the shipping and maritime sector inside and out. Each of our experienced marine insurance and claims management colleagues provides the highest level of claims handling services to all of our customers, as a result of many years of servicing LLC Vodokhod’s fleets.

While we understand shipping and the many types of coverage required, we also understand the risks associated with certain boats in order to help our underwriters offer better rates. They work together to ensure that we give the best possible protection for your maritime asset and any potential liabilities.