Core Principles

Core Principles

In the company’s Policy Statement, LLC Vodokhod management has committed to these core principles. Employees must understand how to conduct business in accordance with the key principles mentioned in the LLC Vodokhod Policy Statement. The LLC Vodokhod Code of Behaviour specifies the company’s business standards and procedures. The Code of Conduct outlines how these values must be used in all of our dealings with stakeholders.More detailed recommendations can be found in separate declarations on employment, health and safety, the environment, community affairs, and compliance. Our reputation is built on the values of integrity, honesty, and respect for people, which are at the heart of Baltic Sea Shipping. Individuals with whom we do business, as well as the areas in which we operate, are a significant resource that is critical to our company’s continued growth and success.

Strategic Approach

We want to be the go-to source of competent storage and logistics services by cultivating long-term connections. By expanding present facilities, establishing new terminals, and purchasing businesses in markets such as petroleum products, petrochemicals, and chilled gas, we aim for long-term growth. We foster an entrepreneurial attitude and a can-do mentality by establishing a decentralized management structure and empowering people to make the best decisions. We look after our employees by aiding them in gaining the skills and competences they need, as well as offering continual training to ensure the best possible results.

We seek to constantly improve assets and workflows by cooperating and exchanging ideas with internal and external stakeholders, which benefits everyone. All of our commercial operations will be conducted in a safe and efficient manner. Our goal is to eradicate all occupational injuries, illnesses, and accidents. We intend to make every effort to protect the environment as we conduct our business.

We are committed to lowering our environmental footprint. Our industry requires a varied range of skills, abilities, and expertise. We only hire the best. We must continue to learn completely new things and assist our employees through suitable training programs as our work environment, markets, and technology evolve.