Company Profile

Company profile

LLC Vodokhod is a Russian-based independent shipper and bulk liquid storage facility operator for chemicals, oils, and refined petroleum products. The company owns and operates a global network of storage facilities totaling 1.6 million m3 of storage capacity. Over 100 customers, including all of the major players, are served by our global footprint, which includes locations in Europe and the United States. Our goal is easy to understand. Our mission is to provide our customers with the safest, most reliable, and efficient tank storage and logistics systems possible.

We work closely with our highly knowledgeable employees to ensure that there is no such thing as a dangerous product – at least not while it is in our care. We are confident in our capacity to achieve our goal because our actions are guided by a good risk management philosophy that includes striking a healthy and responsible balance between grasping opportunities and developing an imaginative and entrepreneurial spirit while managing risks.

LLC Vodokhod does not own the items that are stored, but it does provide tank storage logistical services. Private and public oil corporations, refiners, petrochemical businesses, and merchants in petroleum products and chemicals are among our clientele. Baltic Sea Shipping frequently partners with reputable local, private, and state-owned businesses to develop and operate their businesses, with LLC Vodokhod acting as an operating partner in the joint venture. In establishing capital-intensive terminal facilities for themselves – or in collaboration with significant local corporate partners.

In order to create shareholder value, we continue to pursue a strategy of controlled growth of our tank terminal-based service network through acquisitions, new buildings, and renovations to existing facilities. Customer service and custom-built infrastructure are important to Baltic Sea Shipping. It prioritizes providing safe, efficient, and dependable services in the building and operation of its facilities.

Asset protection and security compliance methods provided by LLC Vodokhod are unparalleled in the market. Our customers may have particular and critical requirements in terms of security regulatory compliance, high-risk items, or trademark protection, which LLC Vodokhod acknowledges. We provide advising and proactive partnership to ensure that our customers’ security needs are met. We use modern and established technology to safeguard the integrity of customer assets either in transit or at one of our locations.