We provide best shipping and storage for our customers

Petroleum and petrochemical products are stored and ship in tanks and vessels at the points of issue of the gas pipeline in anticipation of sending.

Our Vision

Based on our great operational record, our objective is to be the preferred partner of Oil Majors and Traders for their marine transportation needs, ensuring the profitability of our fleet and long-term sustainability.
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9 Suezmaxes

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2 Aframaxes

Our Mission

We like to cooperate with Oil Majors and respectable, credit-worthy traders who are in charge of cargoes, follow our risk management guidelines, and recognize and appreciate our exceptional service and vessel quality.

We do it by providing our clients and stakeholders with high-quality, dependable, cost-effective, safe, and efficient services.

Employing a family of qualified, motivated, and capable people both on and off the ship, and investing in their training and long-term development. High-achievers and persons who follow our ideals will be recognized and rewarded.

By continuously enhancing our management system and adopting shipping industry best practices, we are able to operate and maintain our boats to the highest operational and safety standards.

We Offer storage services

We are also a contractor to Transneft and maintain all Transneft oil and gas terminals alongside our terminals, as well as terminals of several major oil companies in Russia federation. One of our tank farms has the capacity to store 10 million barrels of Jet fuel metric every month. We are highly qualified in what we do as an organization with a desire to be number one, and we guarantee 100% commitment and delivery. We are also in the acquisition, oil sales, and shipping of high technology, oil and gas tools / parts, and heavy engineering. You can rely on us to make this a painless process for you.